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I'm a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in St. John's, Newfoundland. My passion is people, although I also do landscape and commercial work. My prime focus currently is corporate headshot work. My headshot clients include insurance companies Freedom 55/London Life and Cal LeGrow, law firms Cox & Palmer, BMFA, and WMHS as well as property company Martek and HVAC company Thermalwise. I am also the official photographer for the NL Pharmacy Board. My event clients include Kia Canada, NOIA, St. John's Board of Trade, Atlantic HVAC, The Delta, and Iceberg Alley. 


My music publicity portfolio includes such acts as The Fables, The Once, Ennis Sisters, Fortunate Ones, Fairgale, Monday Nights, Alan Doyle, Matthew Byrne, Janet Cull, Michelle Noftall, and Fretboard Journey. My photographs are also featured in the CD artwork of Craig Young, Mick Davis, Colleen Power, The Novaks, Janet Cull, Fairgale, and more.


My landscape print clients include Jag Hotel, The Capitol, Delta/Marriott, Comfort Inn, Sinbad's, Albatross, Glynmill Inn, and Canada Fittings & Flanges.


Touch base if you have any questions regarding my photography services or to get a quote on a shoot.




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